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21 Day Kick Sugar Program

Every Tuesday @ 7pm for 5 weeks

21 Day Kick Sugar Program 

The 21 Day Kick Sugar Program is a real food reset, to help you drop processed foods, reset your taste buds, enjoy the food you eat, and improve your health.

It helps you break the chains of processed foods and added sugars so that you can get off the blood sugar roller coaster and say good-bye to that afternoon slump.

You’ll discover places that sugar hides in your diet and find great-tasting and nutritious alternatives.  

You’ll understand the effect of sugar and processed foods on your body and see just how great you can feel without them.

The foundation our Sugar Detox is simple – eliminate foods that cause sugar cravings, balance your blood sugar, and choose more healthy, nutrient-dense foods.

There are no pills, powders or shakes – just real food.

This program is a simple, realistic program that can help you break lifelong eating habits – that daily chocolate fix, grabbing donuts at the office, even adding sugar to your morning coffee.  You’ll become conscious of the amount of sugar in the foods you eat, and discover how great you feel without it.

You will receive real-life solutions, amazing recipes, and easy food swaps to help you make better choices, long after the detox ends. 

The program includes:

A 3 week Sugar Detox program PLUS preparation and after-the-detox support (5 online sessions in total)

5 in-depth education sessions every Tuesday night @ 7pm– we will meet once a week, live, on Facebook (via Zoom/streaming to Facebook if you would prefer). We will begin before the detox to set you up for success, continue each week to support your progress and meet at the end of the program to discuss next steps and how to move forward successfully

A personal shopping tour at one of our Community Natural Foods locations and a discount on your shop

CNF Real Food Keto & Beyond Facebook group will provide daily updates, motivation, download material including food lists and planning guides and bonus material. Health coaching support and answering questions in the group will further support and personalize the experience to maximize SUCCESS!!!! 

Daily posts, tips and recipes to keep you on track w/ bonus expert tricks and resources to support you even after the detox ends

Exclusive Product Discounts & Giveaways

Note: When you register you will have access to all 5 webinar sessions - Each week, an e-mail will be sent to you with the link for each session


About Michal Ofer

Michal Ofer is a wellness consultant and digestive health expert. She describes herself as “a woman on a mission to support, teach, mentor and ultimately empower other smart, soulful women to release the food fight and the body bashing.”

She is a certified life coach, 21 day sugar detox coach, as training in integrative medicine and functional medicine, as well as a bachelor of science.

Date & Time

January 18, 2022

Start - 7:00 p.m. Tuesday

February 15, 2022

End - 8:00 p.m. MST7MDT

1226309 Alberta Ltd dba Community Natural Foods

Direct: (403)-930-6363 Toll Free: 1-(877)-299-3970

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