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Eating Healthy on a Budget
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Some say that eating healthy costs too much and eating organic is not possible for the average person. It may take some time and effort but it certainly can be done. Follow the tips below to a healthier, better quality food plan that won’t break the bank.


1. Create a menu each week – Creating a menu, even if it is just dinners can definitely save you money. With a plan in mind you will only purchase the food you are going to need for a week. If you want to challenge yourself even more make the menu plan after you shop only buying what is on sale. Let your creativity flow.


1. Emphasize grains and legumes – Grains and legumes are inexpensive and are high in protein, B vitamins and fiber. In addition they add heaviness to a meal that most people rely on meat for. Bulk departments carry a huge variety and they last a long time so they are ideal for eating healthy on a budget.

2. Purchase bulk when you can – Buying bulk can save you money! You can purchase grains, pastas, dried fruits, nuts, flours and so much more. You can choose the amount that works for you and your family, which also helps reduce food waste. The added bonus to purchasing bulk is the reduction of packaging which is earth friendly.

3. Eat seasonally – Seasonal foods not only taste better, they are more nutritious and haven't traveled a long distance to get to you! Seasonal foods cost less as well. Think ahead and stock up on fruits and vegetables in their natural season in order to can or freeze them for the off season.

4. Purchase ingredients selectively – Eat a variety of foods but only buy one good oil, one good vinegar and spices that you will regularly use. Don’t purchase ingredients for a one time recipe that you are not likely to use again.

5. Adjust your menu to include what is on sale – Flexibility is the key to saving some money. Purchase items on sale when you can. You may have to change your menu but the change will save you money.

6. Sign up to become a myCNF Member – By becoming a myCNF member, you’ll receive membership pricing on all sales items, as well as exclusive contests & a birthday gift, and much more!   

7. Save money on organics – If you want to incorporate organic foods follow the dirty dozen and the clean 15 as set out by the environmental working group. This will help you to decide where to spend your money with the greatest health benefit.


10. Create a price book – A price book is basically a record of the best price you have paid for all the different grocery items you've purchased in the past. It's your history of what a good price is on each individual product and puts you in the driver's seat in finding bargains instead of relying on the store's word.

11. Check your receipt – You’ve put all of this thought and care in to save yourself money, take an extra few moments and check the actual receipts. There can be 10,000 items in the store and prices can change each week so mistakes are sometimes made.

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